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Disposable tableware first appeared in the U.S. in the mid 60s . In Russia, disposable tableware appeared much later. The emergence of disposable plastic tableware on the shelves of local stores makes it easier for our lives.
Design plastic dishes every day is becoming more sophisticated . Glasses of beer, brandy or champagne on the eye at times indistinguishable from glass and cutlery is not ashamed to put on the holiday table .
Disposable tableware made ??of plastic , not only , but also of paper, laminated cardboard and aluminum foil. However, in Ukraine it is preferred to plastic because it is much cheaper than other materials.
Neither a picnic , a holiday in the office or presentation can not do without today disposable tableware. And most bistros, cafes and eateries also joined now a ” serving .”

Sure, disposable tableware comfortable and practical : it does not beat , takes up little space , light, and most importantly – after using it is not necessary to wash , which will allow customers to improve efficiency and increase revenue .